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Google to Buy WebOS to Combat Android Fragmentation

Okay, that is a completely false statement in the headline. It most likely got your attention though, otherwise you’re just too smart for me.

Imagine, though, a WebOS interface in Android. This would certainly be more appealing than the current stock Android interface. Not only is WebOS a completely different platform, it would also require lots of programming to make the changes needed. Google already snagged the WebOS designer, Matias Duarte, last year when HP was acquiring Palm. He has started to work on improving the interface of Android, which is seen in Honeycomb’s slightly more appealing look.

The fact is Android still has a lot to improve upon with looks. Every update seems to “drastically” improve the performance of the OS (Dalvik VM) but what about appearance? Remember how Windows started losing market share to Mac because the Mac system became so much easier to use with a more appealing look? I do, because it’s evident in Windows 7 now and how Microsoft finally made Windows more appealing.

Right now it is the major smartphone OS (going forward) that sucks on the UI front. Tons of people love their iPhone’s looks, Windows Phone 7 looks pretty awesome and just different, and WebOS was very well received by tech journalists but just failed to catch on in the consumer market. BlackBerry is pretty questionable on the UI front as well, but I do not see them as a primarily consumer device. They have always been about corporations, let alone their market share shrinking as time goes on.

The only question I have is when is Google going to drastically improve appearances of Android. Will we see some improvements in Ice Cream Sandwich with a year of WebOS’s designer working at Google? Time will tell. Hopefully people will give them more time than 49 days that killed of the HP TouchPad.


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